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A Terrible True Story

Factory-farmed chickens are mistreated. Plain and simple.

Hens in factory-farming egg facilities are put in cages so tight that they cannot maintain comfortable positions or turn around. This kind of treatment causes aggressive tendencies in the chickens, who will peck the others if they can reach them. To save space, the cages are placed close together, and more often than not, the chickens can reach each other. To vent their aggression, they will peck at each other, so their beaks are trimmed – actually cut off.
Each hen is taxed to the limit, being fed chemicals to make them lay more eggs, and sometimes left in the dark alone without food and water for up to a week. This spurs them into laying eggs if they have stopped. After this period of time in the dark, reports state that some hens would lose over 30% of their body weight.
The average hen is forced to lay about 250 eggs a year; after which many suffer from accumulation of liver fat – as their livers work hard to make fat for the yolks of the eggs. Because they are unable to pass another egg some of them die during egg laying. Another common problem with factory-farmed chickens and their eggs is osteoporosis. This is when the chicken is not able to obtain enough calcium for the calcium-rich egg shells, and the shells become brittle. The chicken’s body must take over 30x its skeleton calcium to make a single egg-shell, and the chickens often die or suffer long-term from broken and brittle bones and paralysis.
Because the hens are unhealthy, their eggs are automatically thin-shelled and have pale yolks. Because the yolks are so pale, they feed the chickens tartrazine to make them look more yellow.
I am not saying don’t eat eggs – we need the few remaining vitamins and minerals that are in them – I am only saying that if you can get eggs from a farmer in (or outside of) your neighbourhood, town, or city, you should. A few dozen won’t seem like much, and everyone else will buy them, but at least you can do your part.

It’s a cruel world that treats animals a way that they would never treat humans.

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Yellow 5

Poison in the Form of Yellow Powder

Tartrazine (also known as Yellow 5) is an azo dye that is derived from a chemical called benzene, which is a colorless or yellow liquid at room temperature. It has a sweet odor and is highly flammable. It is naturally found in and synthesized from gasoline and crude oil.

The word synthesize means to produce a substance through a chemical reaction, which means there has been a chemical reaction to draw out the benzene from the gasoline. So not only is it from toxic substances, but it is processed as well, and then the tartrazine is extracted from the benzene!
In a nutshell, Yellow 5 is a chemical from a toxic substance that has been processed twice.
It causes thyroid tumours, asthma attacks (in asthmatic people), ADHD, and allergic reactions.
This is not an extremely dangerous chemical, but it is still damaging, as shown above.
The following is a list of foods you can find it in; the list is in no way complete, and these items do not always contain tartrazine (although they often do).

Mountain Dew Label

Mustard, Mountain Dew, cotton candy, most candies, instant pudding, Jell-O, corn chips, pastries, some potato chips ,cakes, gum, marzipan, jelly, jams, and marmalades, yogurts, horseradish, noodles such as Mr. Noodles, Kraft Dinner, and egg noodles, wine, beer, mixers, pops, caviar, soups, sauces, some instant rice, ice cream, ice pops, candy, Peeps marshmallow treats (and likely other marshmallows), pickles, powdered drink mixes, juice, and other fruity drinks.

Tartrazine is not just in our food, but it is also in medicines, drugs, stamp dyes, tattoo ink, crayons, moisturizers, makeup, soap, cosmetics, vitamins, hair products, and many pharmaceutical drugs.
It is fed to chickens in powder form to make the yolks of their eggs appear more yellow. This opens up a whole other world of discussion, which I will talk briefly about in the next post.
Scientific studies show that in any group of 100 people, up to 26 of them will be allergic to tartrazine, and that reactions to tartrazine are greatest in people who are asthmatic and allergic to aspirin.

I’d like to note that yellow 5 isn’t any worse or better than red 40, yellow 6, or any of the other azo dyes.

When we as humans are unaware of what we are feeding ourselves and the next generation, things are obviously messed up.

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