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There has been quite a debate between the food industry, FDA, and scientists about whether or not  aspartame poses a threat to the general public. Several scientific studies have shown that it can cause brain tumours, but the doctors will tell people it can’t (similar to the way doctors will tell women to take soy if they are infertile, even though it may cause infertility and menstrual problems). The FDA even avoided allowing the industries to market aspartame for 16 years. It was approved after a new director was put in charge and the old one removed. A while later, the new director left the FDA.

That in itself is shocking evidence against Aspartame.

Now, remember my last post on why people get type 2 diabetes? Remember how certain foods make the pancreas release insulin? Well, aspartame, just like sugar, does the same thing. Only, in this case whether you are diabetic or not, it may still cause damage.

Aspartame is a chemical made up of 3 molecules – aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol.
That’s right – aspartame is made out of 10% methanol – poison. Methanol causes damage to our eyes. One can of aspartame-sweetened pop contains about 14 mg of methanol. The maximum amount that we are supposed to consume in a day is 7.8 mg. One can see right away that this is a problem in the long run.

Phenylalanine can be a problem for some people who cannot metabolize it, and besides, is also a neurotoxin. In addition to that, it and aspartic acid may trigger the release of insulin from your pancreas, and if we intake too much aspartame, then starts the cycle of how you get type II diabetes.
Another possible threat is cancer. A scientific study was done in 2010, in which rats were fed aspartame for their entire lives. The results were some uncommon brain tumours, increased cancer risk, and things called carcinomas – spreading tumours.

And one more thing – many people use it because it contains virtually no calories or fats, so then they will lose more weight than if they were just using sugar. This is a common myth, since it triggers the release of insulin, which leads to fats and sugars being stored in cells (and if you are eating too much or not exercising enough, not being burned off) and then you start getting overweight. So contrary to popular belief, sugar is better for us than sugar substitutes. I might even venture to say that honey, molasses, and white sugar are the best forms of sugar to consume, if we will consume it at all.

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The Menace Everywhere

It’s in everything, and it’s not properly fermented. It has health benefits, and it has health hazards.

 Soy contains trypsin inhibitors that stop your stomach from breaking down the protein; phytic acid, which stops you from absorbing important minerals; nitrosamines, certain types of which cause cancer; and the high levels of aluminium, which accumulates in numerous organs in the body (the brain, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, and liver), and competes with calcium, damaging the skeleton. In babies and toddlers this stunts growth. Soy also disrupts the hormonal balance in infants, and scientific studies show that it may cause infertility and other menstrual problems because of the phytoestrogens it contains.
Now this is only in improperly fermented (or not fermented at all) soy – what we manufacture in America and Canada. It is properly fermented in Asia.

Unfermented Soy

Soy is used in meat substitutes, it is put in cold meats, prepared meats, ground meats – almost anything that has gone through any process at all – prepared dishes, fake seafood, filler for restaurant meals, and countless other things that probably don’t need it.

A few vegetarians I have talked with say that they didn’t eat meat for a certain amount of time, they substituted it with soy, and then they tried it again and they couldn’t eat it – it made them vomit. The above information may be the answer to this. Soy contains trypsin inhibitors which make it difficult for your body to absorb and digest protein. For this reason, if you are a vegetarian, you probably shouldn’t replace meat with unfermented soy. Fermented soy, certainly – go right ahead… it has some health benefits. I personally believe that animal protein is necessary in a diet, and so I would advise not completely replacing the meat, but do what you will – it’s your diet, and your body.

I think I should mention again that unfermented soy is in most baby formula. It can cause unbalanced hormones, which would result in early puberty, which of course doesn’t show up until the children are teens. If you are pregnant, (which, since this is a teen blog, odds are you aren’t) you shouldn’t be eating soy – it contains genistein, which causes problems in fetuses and in children. This may be the reason for some defective babies, miscarriages, and infertility.

Almost everything that we eat prepared contains unfermented soy, but if you avoid it whenever you can, you will likely have less problems now and when you are older.

Humans as a race are slowly killing themselves – and they are completely unaware of it.

Fermented Soy

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