By now, there is no need to discuss margarine – everyone knows that it is synthesized and not good for you. And hopefully there is no need to discuss the fact that butter is a better fat.

But what about oils? Vegetable oils, canola oil, soybean oil – are they as good as the Health Experts say they are? Could vegetable oil be to olive oil as margarine is to butter?

Perhaps it depends on the processing – this video shows cold pressed oils, but if you notice the care that goes into each step, and the fact that the bottles (which are made out of glass) are moved manually to cap them, they are very high-quality and expensive oils. In contrast, this other video is lower-quality oil. At the beginning, they state that canola oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils, more so than olive oil, but when I watched it through, I noticed that the canola seeds are crushed, pressed by a screw with high pressure, extracted again with a wash of solvent, washed with sodium hydroxide, cooled, filtered, bleached, and reheated to get rid of the scent. Now, watch this video on how olive oil is made. Although the olive oil you buy at the supermarket is probably more filtered than this brand, it doesn’t go through solvents, sodium, or bleach.

So, according to video #2, canola oil is healthier than olive oil because it has less saturated fat, and more mono-saturated fat, which apparently helps lower cholesterol. And in fact, cholesterol does not lead to heart disease, and saturated fat does not raise cholesterol.  But even if mono-saturated fat lowered cholesterol and saturated fat raised it, is it really a better deal to have more mono-saturated and less saturated if it has been through three chemicals and super-refined?

Something I would like to call the reader’s attention to, which doesn’t have much to do with oils, is what they do with the pulp after squeezing the oil out. Now that all the nutrients (which were in the oil) have been removed, the pulp is set aside as animal feed. What exactly is wrong with this? Well, the animals which we are eating are themselves consuming flavorless, nutrient-less wood. If you take animal abuse out of the picture altogether, this use of garbage is not beneficial to anyone’s health.

Having read this, what do you think? Are vegetable oils and canola oil the best choice? Did the Health Experts get that right?