I started a garden this year for the very first time; I read up on how to grow the different plants that I wanted to try growing, and then I took a chance and tried it.

During May, I pulled all of the 3 years or so of weeds out, and a neighbor graciously offered to till it up for me. With two bags of starter soil turned into the garden plot, I started planting during the last week of May.

The plants that I’m growing are corn, butternut (or was it spaghetti) squash, carrots, beets, onions, loose leaf lettuce, and romaine lettuce. While my Mom was away on a vacation to Victoria, BC, she bought some annual violet seeds from the Butchart Gardens, which I planted in a corner. They are beautiful flowers!

Through June and this month, I have been watering and pulling weeds, and just this week, I got to see the fruit of my labor. The loose leaf lettuce matures quickly, and we made a caesar salad with some of it.

Unfortunately… Although I took a picture of the loose leaf in the garden and the loose leaf in a bowl after I picked it… I forgot to take a picture of the loose leaf caesar salad. So here is the lettuce in the garden, and the lettuce in the salad spinner bowl.

We noticed a few things about the fresh lettuce compared to the grocery store lettuce that I was surprised about. First, the leaves of the assorted loose leaf lettuce were bigger than the spring mix. All of the lettuce was a little more bitter and more tender. Surprisingly, even though the lettuce is more tender,┬áit doesn’t go soggy on sandwiches as fast as store lettuce.

Anyways, it was really exciting to see how well they grew!